MSI MPG x570s Carbon Max WiFi Review

This article is about the newest edition of the MSI MPG x570s Carbon Max WiFi Review of the MPG series on their motherboards. This motherboard comes with a ton of features, including WiFi, M.2, USB 3.1 Gen2 and much more and how it stacks up against other motherboards that are available in the market today.

an image of the front and back features of the msi mpg x570s carbon max wifi

There are 6 competitors in this category and they all feature some of the most premium features on their motherboards. This motherboard is able to stand out because of its high-quality features such as its M.2 SSD drive, WiFi and more.

We’ll be covering these high-quality features and more on this motherboard so make sure to keep reading below this article if you’re interested in learning more about the MSI MPG x570s Carbon Max WiFi Review.

MSI MPG x570s Carbon Max WiFi Review

The MSI MPG x570s Carbon Max WiFi is a gaming-oriented motherboard that offers a lot of the same features you would expect to find on most of MSI’s mainstream products. This includes support for CrossFire and SLI along with RGB LEDs in every color imaginable.

The board only has one M.2 slot, but it also includes four SATA ports for storage-oriented builds. The audio is pretty standard, with just a Realtek ALC1220C codec and an ESS ES9023P DAC delivering sound to your speakers or headset (although audiophiles will want to use an external DAC).

MSI also includes a dedicated clock generator for the RAM and has upgraded the power delivery with an IR charging station, which is a very neat feature. Knowing MSI, you should expect all of these features to be implemented with top-notch quality.

The MSI MPG x570s Carbon Max WiFi is a very robust offering that’s going to fit into most any budget. It has lots of modern features that make it easy to connect to external devices such as an SSD or anything else you would want to connect, including a network cable.

Overall, this is a great motherboard for gamers and enthusiasts who want to get the most performance out of their hardware. MSI has created motherboards that do not produce any kind of waste heat or waste power at all (no excessive fan noise).

This is considered a very impressive feature to have in today’s market. The MSI motherboard also features M.2 SSD drives, which is great for any gamer interested in going for speeds that are very fast compared to regular 2.5″ SSD drives.

This product is made with high-quality components and does not overheat at all. All of this is done without any kind of problem, which makes this a great product to own and use.

No surprises in learning it has similarities to the X570 Gaming Pro Carbon WiFi, but credit where it’s due, MSI has changed the aesthetic and a number of key features in this transition.

Power delivery has been improved via an increased number of standard PCIe rails, from 16 to 20 (if you choose the model with a 20th slot).

Ticking off more boxes, MSI cosies up to Realtek for the 2.5G LAN, which we reckon is becoming a must for any enthusiast-class board. MSI’s Click BIOS 5 is present and correct, too.

a well labelled picture of the msi mpg x570s carbon max wifi

Providing the board with part of its name, wireless connectivity is handled by the capable Intel AX210 WiFi 6E chip. Alongside integrated Bluetooth 5.2, we have no performance qualms at its inclusion.

Not only is this motherboard compatible with everything from Intel’s Core i7 chips onward, but it also supports 802.11ac WiFi connectivity as well. This is an excellent feature for gamers who want to be connected to their rig for extended period of time and want to share their gameplay in real-time with anyone online.

Both versions of this board also house U.2 SSD drives, something previously seen on MSI Gaming motherboards only in the X570 series.

The difference between these two models is a significant decrease in airflow from the front ports, which may not be ideal for some people depending on how they like to operate their rig while they are gaming or if they have other heatsinks mounted up front which can generate additional heat on their own.

Chief amongst the £290 MSI MPG X570S Carbon Max WiFi on its improvements is its greater heatsink coverage. There’s been a significant increase in the size of the heatsinks for the DDR4 memory, and it now has a dedicated cooling system that works with the chipset.

There are at least three other changes, such as micro-structure on the PCIe slots and improved airflow. The main difference is that it has more available RAM slots as well.

On the MSI MPG X570S Carbon Max WiFi Review, speaking of heatsinks, removing the two M.2 sections reveals one of this board’s strengths: SSD storage provision. The topmost slot runs off the CPU and offers full PCIe 4.0 x4 coverage, whilst the lower trio emanate from the chipset. All four have thermal pads between heatsink and drive.

Power to the Ryzen chip is more than sufficient. MSI uses seven phases that are effectively doubled-up – so 7-phase VRM tied to 14 (75A) power stages – and cooled by some of the chunkiest/best coverage heatsinks in the business.

Is MSI MPG Good?

It depends on what you plan to use it for. If you’re a hardcore gamer, then yes, the MSI MPG is good. It has everything you’d need and it’s affordable too. I would recommend this to anyone who’s looking for a motherboard that packs lots of features and is also affordable at the same time.

This motherboard is perfect if you’re looking for a high-quality motherboard with an affordable price tag, along with a ton of great features and incredible performance too, which is why it gets our vote for the best gaming motherboard available in 2019.

This version of the MSI MPG X570S Carbon Max WiFi comes with a rather hefty price tag, but trust me when I say that it’s definitely worth the cost. Other than the RGB lighting, there is also full sized heatsinks on every component possible, which helps keep temperatures as low as possible.

It’s impossible to find a motherboard with all of this quality and at this price, so I highly recommend getting this motherboard if you’re looking for your next gaming motherboard for your computer build.

On the MSI MPG X570S Carbon Max WiFi Review, it is a very powerful motherboard that’s worth investing in if you’re looking for one. The MSI MPG X570S Carbon Max WiFi is a high-performance motherboard that’s great with even the latest AMD Ryzen processors.

The MSI MPG X570S Carbon Max WiFi has not only a powerful chipset, but it also offers incredible performance too, especially if you have an AMD Ryzen processor.

The number of SATA ports on this motherboard are much better than other motherboards on the market, which makes it easier to upgrade as your needs change over time, and I also like that there’s no wasteful power delivery and fan noise even when overclocking (meaning less power draw and more performance).


I hope you’ve enjoyed the review of the MSI MPG X570S Carbon Max WiFi, and it helped you better understand whether this motherboard would be a good fit for your needs or not. It’s a great gaming motherboard that has everything you need to make your computer run better, and it’s affordable too.

The MSI MPG X570S Carbon Max WiFi Review will give you a good idea of what to expect if you buy this motherboard, which is why I recommend checking out those details if you’re interested in getting one.

In my opinion, this is currently the best gaming motherboard available on the market today.

image showing the msi mpg x570s carbon max wifi SATA ports

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