LG UN8500 Review

LG’s new TV is superb, but the price is up there. Find out what you can expect from this high-end television and why you might want to spend the money.” Here we will be discussing the LG UN8500 Review.

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The LG UN8500 is one of the most expensive TVs on the market right now. You can get OLEDs or 4K UHD LCD TVs for less, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t reasons to purchase this particular model.

LG has made a pretty good job at offering a wide range of models in 2020 in order to cover all needs and all budgets. The expensive models can be considered as the top-tier ones.

Here, we will be analyzing the main features of these TVs to help you decide if they are worth the money or if you should look for something else. It is important to understand how these technologies work and why they may influence your overall viewing experience.

The LG UN8500 Review will be discussing the following: Screen Size, Specs, Overview, Design, Resolution and more.

There’s quite a lot more to discuss about, so let’s see what else is there…

LG UN8500 Review

1. Overview

This is a review of the best TV on the market right now. This TV is gorgeous and it’s a TV that you need. The LG UN8500 is an okay mid-range TV. It’s sold in large sizes, from 65 to 86 inches, and the larger sizes are sold as the LG UN8570.

It’s mainly designed for wide seating arrangements where you sit far from the TV, and most of the variants, including the 65 inch model we tested, have IPS panels that provide fairly wide viewing angles.

The reason why LG has created such a unique TV is because this chipset can help create very smooth and responsive images regardless of its size. The picture quality is great.

The refresh rate of 120Hz allows you to get stable movement – something that modern movies often lack, even with motion interpolation (also known as motion blur reduction). This means you will get a smoother and more efficient way to watch the action scenes in your favorite movies or TV shows.

2. Design

LG UN8500 Review – LG’s urban TV design has made a name for itself over the last few years and the Samsung UHD TVs aren’t afraid to use it either. The new LG UN8500 TVs is no exception. They are extremely slim and stylishly designed with a frosted glass frame and bold black color (with red accents).

the back view of a LD UN8500

The design of the UN8500 can be described as elegant. The beautiful frame looks stylish and it doesn’t take too much space (especially when you compare it with other TVs). Its dimensions can be described as slim. The screen is very thin.

Overall thickness is about 3.5″ (9cm) which is average and this is probably due to the included Direct LED system but in general it shouldn’t look bad if wall mounted.

The TV we looked at in this review is the 65″ model which has a large screen, but you could also choose to go for one of the larger sizes like 65″ or 75″ etc.

As for the stand, once again the UN8500 follows a very similar but not entirely the same design as the UN7300. The TV is using a usual bench type stand with the two legs lock in place at the very edges of the TV which may be good for stability but certainly will require a bigger furniture for you to place it on.

3. Screen Size

The highest screen size of the LG UN8500 is 86 inches. This is a large screen size and this may be something to consider if you have room for it in your home.

4. Specs

The TV is using an IPS panel which means better viewing angles but worse contrast ratio, except from the 82″ that switches to a VA one, comes with a Direct LED lighting system with no local dimming, is the only model that retains the α7 Gen 3 Processor 4K from the NanoCell series.

The LG UN8500 features the following features: 4K UHD resolution, 220W 2.0 channel speaker system, 120Hz refresh rate, Nano cell technology and more. All of these are state-of-the-art so that you can get an amazing picture quality from this TV when set up in your home theater.

In theory it sounds like the UN8500 strikes a very good balance between specs and cost.

The a7 processor rely heavily on AI for its various functions and the 3rd generation of the a7 couldn’t be any different. There are three functions that we should mention here. The α7 Intelligent Processor recognizes the quality of the original content and optimizes the clarity and sharpness by removing noise.

The processor can also analyze the type of content—movies, sports, animation, or standard—and automatically adjust the picture and sound to best suit the genre.

Lastly, a light sensor measures the surrounding ambient light, then the processor finely adjusts tone mapping for optimal screen brightness. HDR content is refined with brightness adjustments that transform darker scenes into ones with better contrast, detail, and color depth.

One of the most important aspects of a HDR TV, but not the only one, is brightness output. Usually in these low budget categories the kind of performance we see is less than stellar and most of the times the brightness capabilities of these units are not enough to make HDR justice.

As for the UN8500 it seems that without any calibration the Expert (Dark Room) mode is the most accurate one and this is what we used to test the SDR brightness over a 10% window which gave us a measurement of 270 nits. As for the HDR brightness test over a 10% window gave us 330 nits of brightness.


On the LG UN8500 Review, we can see that this TV is an amazing TV with a great picture quality. The UN8500 series offer the finest picture quality, so if you are looking for an affordable TV that provides you with 4K resolution and amazing picture quality, then you should consider buying it.

It also provides smooth and responsive images whether you are watching in standard or high definition. It has a faster refresh rate and in general works great when showing action scenes in movies or sports events on cable television.

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